Saturday, September 3, 2011

Goodwill, Furniture Shopping, and A Short Country Drive

Today has been a fairly busy day for me. I was off work ALL day on a Saturday, which is one of the only good things about a holiday shift. I absolutely love having Saturdays off since 99% of the time my husband is off work on Saturdays. I know my job only takes me away for a very short time, but it just takes away from all the things we could be doing if I didn't have to work.

I got up at 9a.m. and did a favor for my mom and Mike. It was hard to wake up so early since Miles and I had stayed up so late, but I did it. It had to be done early because the place was only going to be open for a few hours and they were early hours. Shockingly Miles woke up and came with me. I love when he goes places with me, especially on errands!

 Main Street Market (what is now in the place of Marsh) was having some sales so we went there and bought a lot of hamburger. The hamburger was on sale $1.98 a pound and the packages had 2 pounds; we bought $20 worth. Then we took that home because we still had plenty more to do and it obviously couldn't stay in the car.

 We also went to Goodwill. For those of you who don't know the first Saturday of the month is 50% off. So after mentioning that it was 50% off I shouldn't have to, but will still point out the obvious, it was busy! Neither Miles or I like crowds, but it wasn't to bad, he wasn't taking it as good as me, but I was clothes shopping so I was distracted. I found 2 long skirts and a few, okay more than a few shirts, maybe 5 or 6. And Miles grabbed a couple baby outfits.

We went to Aaron's to looks at some furniture. It was our first time going into Aaron's. We saw a lot of nice looking furniture, pictures, lamps, etc. I of course found many different styles that I liked so it was a little confusing trying to figure out what I wanted to do, not that we were there to buy anything, more to just get an idea of what we would like to do. I did find out that their employees kind of cause a downfall to the company. They were constantly coming up asking if we had questions, asking (in what they shove off as a teasing way) "Which one are you taking home with you?", etc. It was just way to much. Advice: Explain what you need to explain and then wait until we come to you.

For lunch we went to Everything OK. Joyce, the normal waitress, was off today so we had a waitress we've never seen before. She did ok. There was a few minutes that Miles had to go without something to drink until she noticed, but she seemed very friendly. The food was of course great, as always.

I suggested while we were in the mood to look at furniture that we go to Best Home Furnishing on the square. And we did. They have a lot of nice looking furniture a lot of it was deceiving. I say that because you would look at it and say "That looks comfy!" but when you sat down you didn't really sink in at all, which I know some people like, but for Miles and I that's not what we were looking for. There were a couple things we really had our eyes on. One was a suede, cream colored couch that had a loveseat with built in cup holders that matched, but was sold separately. The second is a leather based, suede, sectional with big cream, dark brown, and light brown pillows as the back support, which is very comfortable. We asked the employee some questions and come to find out they have a layaway and they don't tack on interest so we put the sectional on layaway and we will be paying on that as much as we can so we can get it delivered to the house soon-ish! I'm so excited!

After returning some movies to Family Video we headed back towards the house, but instead of Miles going home we went to Speedway and got gas, then yet another surprise he started driving even further away from home. Where did we go you ask? We went on a short country drive. It was nice, we don't normally do anything like that, after all gas is so expensive. It was nice to just.. I don't know, I guess just be and to just be with my husband. We didn't need to talk, we just enjoyed some time together admiring God's beautiful work.


Oh, we also went to eat, for the second day in a row, at Los Amigos with my mom and Mike. Los Amigos is a new Mexican Taco (taco, burrito, etc.) place in town. It is amazing. Good food, great decor, nice seating, friendly workers, etc.

Today has been a wonderful day over all. God has bless me.

Have a great night!

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