Monday, September 12, 2011

Ray Update..

We got a call on Saturday from the lady that had taken Ray and she said everything was going great. Ray is laying and running around like a normal kitty. Her other cats have hissed at him, but he just walks away, but comes back for more, I guess that part happens when they eat.

She had tried to give Ray his own bowl, thinking that it would be more comfortable for him, but he just wasn't having it he wanted to eat with the other cats.

She also tried to put him out on her built in front porch, but he wasn't having that either he wanted to be in with everyone else, which is no shock since he loves to be around people and other pets. He's never really had to be anywhere on his own he's had his siblings and Miles and I around pretty much all the time. When Miles and I weren't around he had all his siblings, but Miles and I are around all the time except for work and they can't go upstairs where the bedrooms are. Either way he never had to be alone.

I'm very glad that everything is working for him and his new family.

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