Saturday, December 17, 2011

Anger Overload

So I've been awake for just about 2 hours now. Let's start off by saying that I didn't want to be awake until about now, but I couldn't fall back asleep. Well, I laid in bed hoping to drift off, nope. I laid there and looked at Myxer for some ring tones for my phone so it won't be so boring and found a few that I like.

 Last night I set up the tree, by myself, as usual. I'm not in the Christmas spirit so that was pretty boring.  While I set up the tree my husband played a video game, a stupid sports video game. And try to get his attention for anything while he's playing it, forget it. He either won't hear you, ignore you, or yell at you for messing up his game. Same with watching sports on tv. Personally I think all sports should be cancelled, forever!

It's snowing. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate snow? Yeah, well if not, I HATE SNOW! I would much rather never see another speck of snow for the rest of my life. It's cold, wet, slick, slimy, and far to bright.

Winter yeah, along with the snow I just can't stand winter. Because of the snow, because it's cold, because I have to stay inside,.... Sum it up to Winter is VERY depressing!

I've been working on getting the laundry all clean, but then I have to fold it and put it away... What's the point of putting it away when you'll just be wearing it in a few days anyways? And my back and neck hurt, I was cursed from both sides of the family, so carrying the laundry up and down the stairs and into the laundry room hurts a lot. And that's enough to tick me off right there.

Our house though it's almost Christmas looks as boring and unChristmasy as ever. I want new things to decorate the house lights to hang outside, lights to hang around the house inside, garland to have everywhere, candles galore, ornaments to hang from random yet beautiful places,... I just want the house to decorate itself.

I still don't have the Dining room painted, the Guest Bedroom, the Hallway, the Reading room, the Kitchen, the Laundry room, the Office,...oh and the Bathroom and 1/2 Bath. My brother is still super busy so he hasn't been able to come move the Bathroom door from the Kitchen to the Dining room so that we can install our dishwasher. SO I have a dishwasher and plenty of dishes, but I still can't use it. I want a backdrop in the Kitchen, plus to remove this stupid brick part of the wall that is there because there used to be a chimney thing. We really need to go through our stuff and decide what is worth keeping and what needs thrown away. There's a bookshelf out in the garage that needs fixed so we can have more 'storage' space. I want to hang pictures up our Stairway and a hand rail. Also a hand rail down to the basement. ... There's a lot to be done that I still want to do, all this stuff only starts the list. What I could really use right now it a fast, good quality painter that would work for cheap and paint about 8 rooms maybe 9. I need to see color on the rest of my rooms.  Bare walls are depressing. I want to show how great my house really is, but with the white walls it's just boring.

I think I just have so much stuff that needs done and so many things pilling up, so much on my mind,... it's just depressing me.

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