Saturday, December 3, 2011

Flat Tire

As I'm sure you know yesterday was Friday. Well, there was 30 minutes left of work and someone noticed I had a flat tire. So my mom brought an air compressor to fill it up, since my husband and I have just been filling the tire about once a week.

Today we are finally going to fix it! No more stupid flat tires! Yay! I cannot wait!

Of course that will be after work, but before I go with Miles to get his haircut.

Yeah, we've been married 2 years and I've never even seen the building where he gets his haircut. Lol. Of course we were trying to get his haircut for free by having me or my mom do it, but every time he sees our wedding pictures or video he goes on and on about how great his hair looked on our wedding day. Which of course leads to how much he wants his hair to look like that again.

Well, I've got things to do. Hope you all have a great day! And no flat tires LOL

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