Monday, December 12, 2011

What A Week This Will Be.

This week is going to be a hard week. Miles' job has decided to make more doors, which means more hours, which yes, is great, but he's going to be gone over half of the day. It's going to get lonely. It will be hard on us since he'll be sleeping most of the time when he actually gets to be home. But he'll be on his '2 week' shut down soon so everything will be fine. 

We still have to buy Christmas presents. We haven't even started. So that unfortunately means that I'll be the one shopping for them. Not even sure what people want. UGH!  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate to shop?.. that is unless it is clothes for me. Holidays just don't hold the same joy for me anymore. 

Well, I've been super hungry here recently, like all the time. Nothing fills me up. So I'm off to get some food in hopes that it will fill me up. Have a great day! 

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