Thursday, December 1, 2011

This Is Safari

She's one of the most beautiful kittens we've ever seen. It's hard to tell by her pictures, but she has both striped and circle markings. And her fur isn't like a gray tiger cat because her gray is a lighter gray mixed with an orange in some places. She's incredibly friendly, loves to be pet, play, and sit in our laps (or at least lay beside us). She was roaming around outside with her family on our front porch so we took her in. We couldn't catch any of the others, but even if we could have we couldn't have kept them. We would have to take them to the pound or quickly found them a different home.  Anyways that's our Safari. Oh, about the picture she thinks she's a baby. We did not put her in the kick and play she did that herself. It has been moved so that she and our other cats cannot get in it. After all its for a baby not a kitten... No matter how cute she looked in it.

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