Sunday, March 4, 2012

Things I'm Dealing With In My Pregnancy

Now that my pregnancy is out (YAY!) I can now talk about it. You know how I'm doing, how baby is doing, etc. I've been wanting to blog about the baby for a while, but since Hubby and I were waiting to tell people I couldn't. So I barely blogged because I couldn't blog about what I wanted to really blog.
This is not me, BTW

Nausea... yeah let's talk about that. One they call it Morning Sickness, which I already knew it didn't always happen in the morning, but the point is why would they call it MORNING Sickness if it could happen at any time in the day or all day long.  I've had nausea. I had it a lot during 3- maybe 8 weeks and then it came back around 10 weeks. But I'm dealing with it much better now than I was at first. Thank God!

Cramps and no, I don't mean from a period. I never knew that cramping was normal during pregnancy, but once I got rid of my nausea I started getting cramps. Now I have a good dose of both. But still having a much better pregnancy than some women. Thank God, again!

Throwing up. Yes, you can have nausea and not throw up. Luckily I've only thrown up 3 times in 11 weeks. I know many women who would have loved to have only thrown up 3 times in 11 weeks. I have a family member who couldn't even keep down water during her pregnancy!

Headaches. When I first got pregnant my headaches stopped, which I was thankful since I get headaches a lot, but since about 10 weeks they've been back.

Back aches! My back hurts so bad and I know it needs to pop, but as far as I've read they don't suggest trying to pop your own back. Some suggest going to a chiropractor (sp?), but I refuse to pay to have someone do something that I can do myself so I'll just suffer. Plus I've seen my mom at her appointments and they look very painful so a big no thanks!

I can't think!! Haha.. yes, since becoming pregnant I am just hilarious when it comes to ordering or telling stories. I go to Subway and say I'm going to have 2 sandwiches. 1 foot long and 1 six inch both flatbread. They'll both be Turkey and black forest ham. Six inch has american cheese and the foot long has... um... provolone! *Wait for them to toast* The sandwiches are going to be a little different. Both have light lettuce, onion, the foot long green peppers!, six inch has tomato, both have spinach, mayo, um... chipotle sauce!, and um... sweet onion! There are probably more um's than that, so really it's ridiculous.

My neck hurts so bad! SO I pop it and it still hurts. Yeah not much to add to that.

Normal house hold chores are even more of a pain in the butt than normal. I don't want to stand to do the dishes (yeah, dishwasher still isn't installed. Have to move a door first) Laundry baskets are heavy and dangerous to carry down the stairs so I don't want to do that. Picking up around the house involves WAY to much bending over and that makes me feel sick and dizzy. Well, you get the picture.

And my husband. I love him dearly, but like most men he is clueless to how difficult being pregnant is. He'll say it's not as bad as I think or just call me a big baby. And he doesn't like to read so I can't get him to read these 2 helpful, tip pages that I picked out from online. He wants me to print it out... but, our printer is broken. As if printing it is any easier than reading it online.

Oh, which brings me to emotions. Haha. Those are great. These great little hormones that change so much in such a little time. I played a video game where a guy died and I cried like I'd lost a best friend. I watch a sad, touching movie and I cry. But when I'm mad oh watch out. I have a certain person (Not my husband) that managed to make me mad over things that have been building up over the past like 3 years and if this person would have been in front of me they would have got it. I typed a letter, that I had no intention of sending just to try to help me cool off. I vented to my husband and to my step-dad. My husband got it all in text since he was at work and he sent back something like,"Wow, you're really mad" um.. well, yeah! LOL

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