Monday, June 4, 2012

Career :/

I mentioned in a previous post about money being tight around our home and yes, it's still tight. Anyways, the money issues have really made me wish that I would have spent some time building a career. You know at least having college done before having a baby. 

I know, I know it's never to late to go to college especially now that they have online classes. Which I've thought about many times, but it never seemed like the right time and I didn't want to spend the money on college especially when I have NO clue what I'd want to go for. 

I mean I know of a few things that interest me, but I want to be realistic. I don't want to get a degree in something where I'd be waiting forever for a job or that is totally against my personality. Or worse something that I'd start college for and then realize that I can't memorize everything that I need to know. So some interests: Psychology (but that deals with people and I'm not very good at talking to people), Pets (I love pets, but I could never be a Vet. to much to remember and I couldn't give shots or "put down" an animal), Writing (I really love to write and quite often I get the need to write, but don't always know what to write about. I'm not sure I would have the creativity I need to really write books or anything like that), etc. So there's a few. 
My safest bet would probably be writing, EXCEPT for the fact that I'm not really that great at English like the subject where they teach punctuation and such. But it's perfect because I can write from home, which means being able to stay home with my baby and do housework and such. 
Psychology is great because I really do love to help people, I've been helping people (or at least trying to) since I was 12. I have a real passion for teens (13-20's) and I know that Psychology would be a great help for what my real passion is. 
Well, and Vet. is already out due to the above mentioned reasons. I could however go for maybe an assistant. 

So maybe I could go for writing and once I've paid off schooling and earned some money go for Psychology, which could help with (a) my writing and (b) my passion. Sounds like a great plan, eh? Now if only I can get myself to go through with it!

Or maybe I should look for something a little more realistic? I don't know I REALLY want to be able to stay at home. So whatever I choose will have to be something that I can do from home so I can be with my baby and keep up with the housework. 

Any ideas? I'd love to hear them. Just leave me a comment on here. 

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