Friday, June 1, 2012

Video Games (For The Guys)

Ok let's get real. Guy like video games. (Some girls do to ,but that's not on topic) I'm just five with guys liking to play video games... Until they start yelling and screaming because they can't win against some computer team (or whatever)

Listen to me guys... Ready? It is seriously unattractive when you yell and get all mad at a video game. Talk about a mood killer. Sure you're probably thinking "I wouldn't be playing if she was in the mood" right? But what about when you don't know she is? Yeah, think about that one. You're sitting there yelling at a game when you could be doing something that you, me, and the rest of the world know you'd rather be doing.
If you feel that you need to play this annoying game play it when your spouse is away. It's a very very simple solution.
P.s. even if there is no mood at the time her seeing you so unattractively yelling at a game could ruin a future mood.
Oh yeah, it just got real up in here. LOL

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