Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Forgetful Shopper

Yesterday I had to work and so after work I went shopping for something quick to fix for dinner for and for something for today since I knew i didn't have to work and I really don't like going into Walmart when I don't have to. So I grabbed everything, paid, and came home. 

Well, yesterday I realized that I didn't get any sides to go with my meal for today. So I made a mental note to go to the store today and get a couple of sides. 

When Miles got home from work he asked if I had bought milk and cookies. First off he hadn't told me he wanted cookies and I wasn't aware that we needed milk. So I added to my mental note to buy milk and cookies. 

So today I go into the store, I grab my two sides, I pay, then I leave. Well, as soon as I got home and pulled into the drive I remembered that he wanted cookies and milk.

I can't believe I forgot it, I'm always forgetting things! I DO NOT make a good shopper. I'm thinking later I'll probably go back to the store (probably a closer store than Walmart) and get some cookies and milk. 

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