Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here's My Thursday (6-16-11)

Today... yeah, well today I woke up and I thought it was Friday, so I was freaking out, thinking that I was late for work. So I just sat in bed thinking and then I realized that I was Thursday so, of course, I gave a sigh of relief. Lol.

After I woke up I came down stair and had breakfast, which was actually more of a snack. Lol. I had Lays chips and Sour Cream, which yes, I know is HORRIBLE for losing weight, like I'm wanting to do, but according to the scales I've been losing weight slowly. That makes me happy, sure like everyone else I'd love to just lose it all right now, but that's not possible and it's not healthy so I'm doing it the smart way. I will be able to wear my old clothes again! Lol.

So as of right now I'm watching A Baby Story.  And yes, I still want a baby right now, but we're still waiting. I need to lose weight before we have a kid, we need to take the trip to Jamaica that we've been wanting to take (the big honeymoon we didn't have, not that Sybaris wasn't great, but it was only like 1 hour away. Lol.),

I also want to get more stuff bought like clothes, crib, toys, car seat,... and all the rest of the important stuff.  And some of you may be thinking, but you don't know what the sex of the baby will be. That's true, but as for stuff like car seats, cribs,... etc. I can make something to put over it if it's for the wrong sex. As for clothes we've bought some for both and we'll give away the clothes that we don't need to someone who has a baby of that sex or keep it for the next baby (if we choose to have another).  So we wait. Also more needs done to the house. I know there will never be a "right time" to have a baby, but I do believe that you can make your life a little more right by preparing early. Money in the savings account, the main baby stuff already bought, house child proof, .... etc.

P.S. The cutest thing : All 7 kittens are sleeping on the couch behind me. I love them all so much!

                                                    Here's me today^^^^^
So I've been cleaning today. Later on I'll be cooking meatloaf for dinner, but as for right now I need to get to work (just to get it over with). Hope you're all having a great day!

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