Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Ugly Is Gone!

You are probably thinking, "This can't have anything to do with your baby." But you'd be wrong. Yes, that's right there was something I found ugly about my baby. *Gasp!* Relax people. I'm talking about his Umbilical Cord Stump. It finally fell off today! *Choir of Angels singing* *Clapping* *Shouts of joy*

I love babies, especially mine, but the Umbilical Cord Stumps are just SOOOOO gross! So I'm super excited that it's gone and I no longer have to worry about it!

I know some people keep the stump, but in my opinion that's just nasty. (Sorry if that offends any of you, but that's just my opinion.) I don't want to look back and remember the stump, just the cute, amazing, sweet, perfect little one that I gave birth too.

So celebrate with me the falling off of the ugly!

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