Saturday, October 20, 2012

Waiting On The Mail...

I absolutely hate waiting on the mail, don't you? Especially when you've ordered something and you know it should be coming any day now! I've ordered a few things and luckily one of the things finally got here today!! (1 day late) I have, I think, 4 other things that I'm waiting for, some pictures and the rest are surprises for my hubby :)
Speaking of my Hubby, he's been absolutely wonderful! He's a great dad and helps out with Seth, I don't feel like I'm parenting alone. If I'm having problems with Seth such as getting him to burp, then he'll come and take Seth from me and burp (or at least try to burp) him. He takes good care of me, not letting me do things that I shouldn't be doing and being very understanding with my limitations. He deserves a few good surprises for how awesome he's been.
Now if only it would all hurry up and get here!

-Impatiently Waiting

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