Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I know that some people think that drugs are no big deal. But I DO! And I have no problem saying it. I read a post on my baby site community where a woman said that her husband chose drugs over his family, which means her (his wife), 2 little girls, and a baby on the way. I cannot believe that someone would do that. I mean to do drugs is bad enough, but to do them when you are a parent! OMW! I could list many horrible reasons and examples of why not to do drugs and the horrible, horrible things that happen when you do.. matter a fact I think I will. Obviously I'll just be naming a few because I don't have enough room for all of them and the stories behind them. 

1. Doing drugs is bad 
    -Self explanatory 
2. Doing drugs with children is harmful to your child and their future
   -If your child catches you doing drugs they'll think that there's nothing wrong with drugs and that it's cool to do drugs. Well guess what happens then. They'll try out drugs. Sure maybe you won't allow it, but just like you did they'll sneak around and find someone who will give it to them. And then guess what happens! Your children turn into junkies! Any future that they may have possibly had has now been ruined. They'll be lucky to graduate High School, which means no college, which means no good job and that means they'll probably never be able to buy their own home. They may find someone to marry, but they'll be a loser just like them and then they'll have kids who grow up seeing they way mommy and daddy do drugs and then they'll do drugs. From there it just starts all over again. In other words if you're doing drugs and you have kids you may as well inject them/ have them smoke it now because they will later anyways.
3. Drugs kill people
   - I have an Aunt and an Uncle (siblings not a couple) who both died from drugs. They'd done drugs most of their life and it killed them. They swelled up, had liquid in places it shouldn't have been in their body and died. Of course long term use can do that, but there's also overdosing that can kill you. Drugs=Death maybe not right now, but one day. 
4. It ruins your family
    -Pretty self explanatory
5. You're hurting more than yourself when you do drugs
   - You harm your parents, spouse, children, siblings, grandparents, cousins, Aunts, Uncle, Friends,.. etc. If someone cares about you and you hurt yourself than you're hurting them. Plain and simple. 
6. It's illegal 
   -You have a family and here you're willing to do something that can get you thrown in jail. It will ruin your life. 
7. You can't get a job if you can't pass the drug test
   -Do I really need to explain any further? 

This is a problem that many of my family members have so it is something that is 'very close to my heart' and it also irritates me. So I guess this is a vent and hopefully someone with this problem will read it and realize just how stupid they're being and change. ...

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