Tuesday, April 3, 2012

She Doesn't Owe You!

I know your family is perfect, but mine is not. Now I'm not talking about my husband, mom or dad, but family a little further out. They've been spoiled and taught to take, take, take from anyone and everyone and worse some of them were taught to work and still think that everyone owes them. They don't work, they take from the government, WIC, Disability,.. etc. None of them are anymore disabled than I am, they just want those of us who do work to give to them. I'm so tired of my family thinking that people like my mom and Mike are just rolling in money just because they've worked hard and have a nice house. Well, guess what they worked really hard for everything they have and don't have the money that you think they do. Nice house means a 'nice' mortgage and being a landlord of over 80 buildings means more 'nice' mortgages. They pay more money than they receive and then my mom gets made to feel like crap because she won't give her hard earned money to the rest of the family. My mother doesn't owe you anything I don't care if you're her kid, sibling, parent, or whatever she owes you nothing so stop asking! Enough said!

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