Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pregnancy Scare

Last night after going to the bathroom I noticed a drop, just a drop of blood on the T.P. when I wiped. SO I called my mom and asked if I should call the Dr. she said yes so I got off the phone and called and talked to the Dr on call who is btw not my Dr. but still a good Dr. and he said to pay attention for the rest of the night and call in the morning to see if I need to be seen, unless there was more bleeding then to call. Anyways, I called this morning, had to leave a message, an hour of so later got a call from the nurse who took all the needed info then said she'd talk to the Dr. and call me back, and about thirty min later I got a call back from the nurse and she said that I don't need to be seen right now, but if I had more bleeding, cramping, or back pain to call right away. So now we wait. I'm going to make sure to take it easy and just be sure to be aware of my body.

Please keep baby and I in your prayers! Thanks!

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