Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Just 2 more days and then I'll have my 4th Baby Doctor Appointment! Unfortunately this still isn't the Doctor's Appointment where I get the big ultrasound. So just around a month more then I'll get to know the gender! I can't wait!! I mean obviously I have to wait, but it's driving me nuts.

I keep hearing of all these women who have thought they were having one gender and found out they were having another. I really hope that my feeling is right, I want a girl and typically my intuition is correct so hopefully this pregnancy stuff hasn't messed that up.

I don't think it has since I knew that someone was pregnant as soon as I saw them and no one besides their close family knew about it yet. I walked into church, looked at this person and thought, "She's pregnant" and my mom said she did the same thing. We only talked about it after they announced it that night. Which is when we found out we should have told each other what we thought. Lol.

I get this awesome intuition stuff from my mom, well of course it's really from God, but I think it's something that can be passed down as well. She knew that this woman was pregnant too. Lol. Sometimes this intuition thing can be cool, but sometimes you know things earlier than anyone else and since it's bad you can't say anything. Especially since you're unsure if it's true or not.

I once had a feeling that I should go hug my Uncle and I didn't do it, I never got to see him alive again. He'd died that week and I missed my chance to say goodbye. I'd left church that Sunday and didn't even say bye, I knew better.

We've had two deaths in the church and as you know these things come in 3's. Mom and I both thought of the same man. It's a man that we would be very upset to lose. He's a good man, a man of God.. the only comfort I would have in it being him would be knowing that he was ready to go and meet God. But for now we wait to see if we're correct. This is the hard part. Sometimes you want to maybe warn the family of what may happen, but then you think, "What if I'm wrong and I upset them for no reason." So typically we just keep it between us (mom and I).

I love my gift, that's what this is. Sometimes it's fun, but sometimes I know things I'd rather not know. But at least I get a warning so when I actually hear it, it isn't such a shock.

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