Friday, April 27, 2012


Whoever put fun in FUNeral was a real idiot. Funerals are NOT fun.

I went to a funeral today for Samuel Aaron Hensley. It like most funerals had a viewing, tears, a service, songs, letters, notes, poems, more tears, a laugh or two, a Pastor giving a sermon, etc.

Unfortunately we had to leave early due to my step-dad having a doctor's appointment. (I went with my mom and step-dad because my husband had to work)  The leaving means we weren't there for the entire service and we completely missed the burial.

Aaron didn't look like himself, but most of the time people don't look like themselves at their funeral. He had on a ball cap (not quite sure what logo the hat had on it) and his cross necklace.. after seeing those I didn't really notice what else he was wearing.

Aaron's last gift that he could give was literally a piece of him, he was a donor. His death has helped others to live a fuller life and that is a great gift.

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