Monday, April 23, 2012

Samuel Aaron Hensley

Samuel Aaron Hensley passed away today after nearly 2 weeks of struggling due to a car accident.

I can't say that I knew him well, but I did work with him. I can't say what type of person he was by personal experience, but I have heard wonderful things about him.

My family does business with his family and as I sit here and I can't imagine what they're going through, losing a son, a brother, a cousin, and so on, especially when he was so young. I can't promise this family that it will get easier, they will always miss him and that will always leave a void. And I can't promise that they'll ever stop crying at just the thought of him. But I do know that life will go on and that they can celebrate the life of Aaron. They can celebrate the years that they had with him and mourn the years that were 'taken away'

Always know that God has a reason and a purpose for everything, even death. I do not know the purpose and I'm sure neither do they, but there is one. And if this is the only thing take comfort in knowing that God did this for a reason and that it's for your good.

Aaron will no longer deal with the pains of this world. He will never again feel the crushing blow of heartache from a break-up or loss of a loved one. We will never have to worry that anything like what has happened will happen to him again. All of these things we can take comfort in.

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Duke said...

I served with Hensley in the army and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. He was and forever will be a really great guy and he will be missed. I would have gone to war with him by my side in a heartbeat.