Monday, October 17, 2011

Home "Fashion"

Do you ever look at other peoples profiles? Well, clearly if you are reading this you do :) And thanks for stopping by! I look at profiles of people I know and even people I don't. I like to just read about their lives and see any projects they might have going on. Well, as you probably know some people post their DIY projects and different things from sites, magazines, or even their own home fashions. Well, those home fashions would be what this is all about. 

I look at some of these profiles and I just can't believe what I see. Occasionally I see some cute things which I take the time to appreciate, but a lot of the "new" (nothings new in fashion, it all just circles around) fashions I see that people like and/or put in their homes are just gross. I won't name or show pictures because I don't want to offend anyone, after all it's your home do what you want with it. But as for me I was taught that things should match, look nice, be clean, not cluttered,... etc. A lot of the things that I see are just way to much in one direction. I think people have lost track of what true fashion is.

After moving out of my parents and getting my own home I've struggled with certain fashion things. See when I was a teen I wasn't allowed to do crazy colors, multi-colors, etc. So our bedroom is a little out there. I'm already wanting to re-paint it or at least paint the trim back to white to make it a little better. It was my way of getting my teen fashion out of my system, now I can paint the rest of the house with an adult fashion state of mind. 

Well, that's just the way I feel about the subject, like it or not. Hope I haven't offended anyone and that you'll continue to read my blog. 

Have a great day!

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