Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sewing Machine

My school never had a home ec. class or anything like that (or at least they didn't when I was 'old enough' to take it) So I didn't get to learn some of the basic things at school. Yes, my mom would have taught me, but I didn't want to learn at the time.

Anyways the point is that today was my first time learning about the sewing machine. I'm making a simple apron with my mom's help. Hey, I have to learn some time and why not now? I'm interested in learning so now's the best time. Before kids, while I don't work long hours,... etc.

Plus I get to spend quality time with my mom. Unlike some 'kids' who can't stand being around their mom, I really love to be around my mom. She's very cool. We may not always agree, but she's my mom and my best friend. She's always my best friend, but she knows when it's time to be my mom and I love that.

I hope you love your mom as much as I do. And if you do you should let her know, she unfortunately won't be around forever.

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