Monday, October 17, 2011

Unknown Amazon Transaction

I was looking at our (my husband and myself, of course) shared account and I noticed this fee from Amazon. I hadn't ordered anything so I asked my husband if he had, to which he replied that he had not. I'm sure he probably has, but just doesn't want to tell me and I'm pretty sure it is Bones Season 6, but it hasn't gotten here yet. I've been waiting and waiting for the mailman every day (except Sunday) and nothing.

I've been waiting for about a week so it better get here today! Problem is that the mailman has been getting here later than he used to so I've been waiting to go to work until after he comes. I see his truck parked in it's normal place which means the mail should be here soon-ish. We are the second to the last stop for his (at least on this part of his route) and probably the second to last stop for his day since we don't get our mail until 3p.m. or 4p.m.

Anyways here's hoping it comes today and that it's what I think it is!

Have a fabulous day, all!

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