Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Update: Possible Job For Hubby

He went in and filled out the stuff he needed to and took the test. He came home bummed because he doesn't think he did very good on the test, but hopefully he did and hopefully he'll get the job. I guess he only had about 30 seconds to answer each question, which would definitely mean I would fail. I don't do things in short amounts of time like that I have to do it at my own pace. He's much better at testing and giving answers than me though.

We will unfortunately not find anything out today like we had hoped. The company said they normally tell people that they'll hear something in 2 weeks. We were hoping to find out much sooner than that so that he can get out of his current job (if he gets this new job), but as long as he gets the job the 2 weeks will be well worth it.

SO anyways we are still praying and putting this in God's hands. If he's meant to be working closer to home than he'll get the job (if this is the right closer to home job) and if it's a no for this one than we'll keep looking.

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