Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Possible New Job For The Hubby

My husband has been trying and trying to find a job that is in town for a while. The reasons would be he can be closer to home, he won't have to travel so far, and we'll save money on gas. Good reasons, right? Yeah, we think so.

Well, application after application, prayer after prayer, etc. It seemed like nothing was going to happen. I had prayed "Lord, I know he won't call these places so you'll have to have them call him." Finally I believe he said it was Thursday he got a call when he was at work. Well, he called them back and they said that he needed to come in fill out an application for full-time direct hire and take a mechanical test.

So today he goes in to do all of that. Needless to say I've been praying and praying. I really don't think that God would answer my prayer just to take it away, which definitely makes me believe he will get this job.

I will post an update as soon as I know something. Please if you read this pray that he will get this job. If he does it will be a wonderful blessing to our family.

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