Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chicken, Soy Sauce, and Onion Recipe

Ok so you probably can't tell it apart, but on the top there's Onions and below that is Chicken and it's all covered in Soy Sauce

I tried this new recipe, Chicken, Soy Sauce, and Onion ( I believe it is also known as Sweet Onion Chicken) It was good! And super easy.
You need:
8 chicken thighs
2 cups onion
1/3 cup Soy Sauce
1/4 cup water

Directions (not in full, drawn out detail):
Heat pan for a minute on medium-high then add the chicken
Brown the chicken
Remove the chicken (put on a plate)
Change heat the medium-low
Add onions
Cook the onions for 12 min (stir often)
Put the chicken back in
Add the Soy Sauce and Water
Let simmer for 15 minutes
Take out the chicken (put back on plate)
Let Sauce and Onions cook for a minute longer
Pour Sauce and Onions on top of the chicken

Yep, pretty simple :)
Don't say I never taught you anything :P

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