Friday, August 5, 2011

Um... yeah, don't have a good title for this one...

Ok, so yesterday we were supposed to go have tacos at my mom and Mike's house BUT plans changed due to my niece Morgan having to go to the hospital and have her appendix taken out, right at the same time dinner was scheduled for. So we rescheduled for tonight, same time, same place, same people. So now I'm at home waiting on my husband to text me and let me know when he'll be getting off work.. or just to text me.

I went to Chinese again today with the family and the girls are super excited to see Miles tonight so hopefully they'll get off here soon.

Bad thing about me going to Chinese is I think it might have made him (Miles) a little upset, but hey I was hungry and I had to eat so why not just go with them. And there's nothing wrong with me going to eat with my family esp. when I'm not using any of our money.
When we go out with his family we normally end up paying for ourselves and for them, plus they live 30 minutes away = Gas+Food... that's a lot of money. Where as my parents live 5-10 minutes away.

You may be asking yourself, "Why is she bringing up his parents when she's talking about him being upset about Chinese?" Well here's your answer. Normally if he's upset about me going somewhere without him (to eat) he brings up the fact that 1. We don't go out to eat with his parents very much AND 2. We see my parents WAY more than his.
My argument. My parents live closer (of course we'll see them more), we go to cheaper restaurants with my parents (less money), we don't have to travel out of town with my parents (less money),... I have more, but some just aren't appropriate to say to anyone besides my husband and a couple chosen people.

 I get a little frustrated when he gets upset or mad at me for stupid things. He's a great husband and our marriage is great, we always work things out (doesn't mean they won't get discussed again) so please I'm not trying to make him sound like a bad guy, he's not. But we were raised very, very differently and he may get upset about things without really stopping to see the logic behind it, so in other words instead of thinking it out he just gets upset right off the bat. Me I think about it, then decide if there's a good point or reason. Oh, I love him! LOL.

Ok, sorry bad subject.

We may have found a home for another one of our kittens. Miles has a friend at work who would really like to have one of them. Now she just has to talk her boyfriend into letting her have it. BTW the friends would be our bowling buddies :)

Hmm...still no text... sounds like him being upset to me, but I try not to flat out accuse him until he's ignored me for a while. And I haven't received a text since 10:49a.m., but I didn't tell him about Chinese until 12:02p.m., which he should have had a break somewhere in there so yeah pretty sure I can accuse him now. Lol. I'm SERIOUSLY hoping that he's only busy, but sometimes he'll just get upset out of nowhere. We shall see....

Oh, BTW yesterday I worked out on my exercise ball and did all the moves that came in the book that came with it, which is I'd maybe 15-20 moves, most of them said to do 8-12 reps and so I did. I'm pretty sore today and feel like I really need to pop my back and neck.

Whelp, I'm getting off here now. Have a great day! (or what's left of it, I guess)

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