Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Door Knobs..

I love my day off! Today is my day off! I'm hoping today to go and get some handles/knobs for some doors and possibly get some more knobs that will be replacing the ones in the kitchen. :) Slowly, but surely we are getting things put together. I wish it could all be painted and fixed up by now, but I know better. Getting a house to be exactly how you want it is a very long process and the more time you have to wait the more you might change your mind. We are trying to get things done before I change my mind, yet again. Lol.

I'm also hoping to go to Don Pablo's today. I woke up this morning and it just sounded good. Lol. So right now Miles is on his break and I'm asking him about Don Pablo's and the knobs. He already knew about Don Pablo's, but said we'd talk about it later.

Anyways I'll upload some before and after photos if I get the stuff today... that'd mean you'd get the pictures either tonight or tomorrow (God willing)

He okay'd me going in now while he's still at work and shopping then we'd go to Don Pablo's once he gets off. So now I'm getting off here to get ready to leave! I'm so excited! Can't wait to upload pics for you to see! Have a great day!

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