Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pray Without Ceasing..

Have you ever looked at a scripture and said seriously?! Is that even possible? That's how I feel sometimes, especially when I see one like...

1 Thessalonians 5:17

King James Version (KJV)

 17Pray without ceasing.

Can a person really pray without ceasing. I mean seriously, you have to work, eat, sleep, and etc. Can you really pray during the whole day? Since it is in The Bible it must be possible, but what would one pray for? Yes, your family, friends, church family, the leaders of the nation, and etc. But after so many days of praying all day long surely you would run out.. Well, then again 'bad' things are constantly happening all over the world. Unfortunately all the prayers in the world aren't going to stop that, but I'm glad to know that I serve a God who cares and listens and that when we pray He can do mighty things.

I've heard of recent stories from visiting pastors from the U.S. saying that they've seen miracles of healing (all the way from headaches and backaches to people's legs being healed and being able to walk and the deaf being able to hear, etc.), financial blessings, and things all the way up to people having been dead for minutes (and I'm talking 10, 15, or more minutes) and God suddenly (suddenly, yeah, that's kind of a joke if you think about it) bringing them back to life.

Some people think that He's stopped working miracles, but He hasn't. And I'm so thankful that He hasn't. What a testimony we have just to know that our God is still our Healer, Way Maker, Creator, Father, ...our Everything that we could ever need.

Speaking of praying my friend was with child and she lost it due to an Ectopic (or tubal) pregnancy, she was I believe 2-3 months pregnant, if you could just keep her in your prayers. I have never lost a child (at least not that I know of) nor do I have any children so I can't imagine what she's feeling and going through, but I know it is painful. Thank you for your prayers.

Have a goodnight!

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