Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I don't know about you, but I always hated school. I didn't really fit in and it was boring. It always seemed like everyone else had everything figured out, they knew who they wanted to be.Whereas I couldn't even find the style of clothes that I liked. I realize now that really none of them had it all together, even the ones that graduated before I was out of school are still trying to figure out what they want to be or are studying to be whatever it is. 

Some of the students, ok, most of them were better at school work than I was. Not that I couldn't learn it, it was just to boring and I didn't really have any friends to help me through it. 

In my last few years of school all of my actual friends were younger than me, which I had no problem with, but it's kind of disturbing when your friends age range from 2-3 year younger and then skip all the way to 30 years or more older than you. 

I applaud all of the teachers at F.C.A. ( for trying to help me learn. Of course probably none of the teachers that I had are there now, but I'm sure the ones there are great, after all my nieces go there. One is just starting this year and the other has been going for a few years. The one that's been going loves school and I'm so happy she does, no one should have to raise a child who hates school, it's hard work. I should know, I saw what my mom went through. Lol. I was nearly impossible to teach. No one found the unique way that would help me learn and they just couldn't make it interesting enough. Oh well, at least they tried. I miss some of those school days, had some good times. The good times make looking back at school days enjoyable. 

God help my children, whenever we have them, to love school! Neither Miles or I liked school, in this case can our two wrongs please make a right?! IJNA

The point of this post? Yeah, still trying to figure that one out myself, just came to my mind and I decided to blog it. Lol. Have a great day!

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