Saturday, May 12, 2012

Baby Stuff We Have

So I know some people are wondering what stuff we have for our baby. So I'll show you some of it. BTW if you see something that I need that isn't here please don't just go and buy it. Reason being: I more than likely already have a certain one in mind, I may already have it, or I may not have it yet, but know where I'm getting it from. I do have a 'theme' I want to keep to. I have this look in my head and I want everything to go with it, I want perfection. LOL.
The diaper bag I bought :)

Not quite sure what this is really called , but yeah we have it
Kick N' Play
Battery Powered Swing

Bassinet :) 
Changing Table

I believe we already have a crib lined up (even if we don't we've got a while before that's a problem), we have some clothes, etc. 

We'll need clothes, bottles, diapers (Pampers or Huggies is what I'm thinking), wipes (Same as diapers and we want them to be Sensitive), head-to-toe wash (Johnson's Baby <3 that brand), etc. Which will all be on our registry when we create one. That way if you plan on buying us something you can buy what we actually need/want, so please wait until then. I hope that doesn't sound harsh, but it's just the truth. I'm a picky person and this is my first kid so I want everything a certain way. Heck, truthfully I'd be this way if it was my 5th kid, but hey we'll just use the excuse for now that it's my first. I'll find a different one later. :P

I do want to point out that most of the baby stuff we have right now has been given to us either free or nearly  for free, which has been a blessing. Thank you Dave&Net! We greatly appreciate it!

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