Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mommy Brain

I've been having some weird feelings in my stomach today. So I've been taking it easy and praying that what I'm feeling is normal and not something bad. I'm sure everything will be fine, but I can be a bit of a worrier. Yeah, I know that's not good on me or the baby. I do know that he is doing just fine in there since I've felt him kicking and moving around today. I still love when he moves around! I may not like it so much when it gets more painful, but I think I'll still like it somewhat just because I'll know he's doing alright.

I've had a severe case of Mommy Brain today, which was accompanied by a not so lovely headache. Talk about something making me moody! I've been grumpy since I can't get my brain to work correctly and I've been burning up, the weird feeling, etc. Hopefully that will ease up.

Also today I took an old dress added a belt to it and pinned some of it (it's a little to big in places) and I've gotten a lot of compliments :) I love taking something older and making people love it! The belt I used is pretty old as well.

It's not the greatest pic, but you get the idea.

Today is my mom's birthday! I love my mom! She's such a strong woman and she's been through so much. I trust her opinion and fashion sense. I wouldn't trade my mom in for anyone! I have the best mom! :)

Well, I'm getting off here and getting ready for dinner. Have a great rest of the day!

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