Friday, May 18, 2012

Feeling Down

It might have something to do with the pregnancy. I just feel kinda of down. I feel like I've been put on a back burner with my husband, I feel stressed about being tight on money, I'm upset because we're trying to not go out to eat (but that's the only thing that sounds good),... I just feel down. It may have nothing to do with the pregnancy maybe there's just a lot going on in my life and it's just all piling up.

My husband is wonderful and he is wonderful to me. He takes great care of me, helps me when I need it (even if he doesn't feel like it), he buys me random gifts to spoil me, he works hard, etc. He's just wonderful, but I for some reason can't help, but feel like his video games or shows are more important than me at times, esp while I'm pregnant and hormonal. I know they aren't more important than I am to him. I think I just NEED more attention now that I'm pregnant and maybe that's what is causing this feeling.

As for money well it's tight for now, but it will get better. We just need to eat at home more and watch what we spend money on and soon we'll be comfortable again. I just don't know how long it will take until we get back to where we were. Stupid taxes and license plates!
I can't wait until our contract is up with our Satellite that way we can cancel that and save ourselves some money. Don't get me wrong I LOVE having Satellite and watching HGTV, TLC, TNT, FX, and such, but I would much prefer that extra money for when things get tight.
We've been using our AC less and of course no heat (why would we need heat?!) so that should help out a little (at least for that bill)
We're now cutting back on going out to eat. First day and I'm already miserable!
I'm sure we'll find some more ways to help out.

I'm pretty tired too. Maybe if I take a nap I'll start feeling a little happier? Guess I could try it and find out.

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