Friday, May 18, 2012

A World Without Sports

Picture it with me. 

Instead of watching sports your loved ones could be watching a nice family movie, playing a family game, or doing something creative.

Instead of playing sports video games (that give you a headache) your husband could be out grilling, making something in the garage, or spending time with the kids. 

Instead of buying tickets, video games, or movies that involve sports you could be saving money or at least spending it on something useful. 

Instead of hearing your husband yell at the TV or video game when his team doesn't do what he wants he could be yelling because he dropped the hammer or drill on his foot while trying to make you those shelves, cabinets, etc. that you so desire.

Instead of paying so much money to people who play sports for a living we could increase the pay for the people that actually work hard like the people in the factories, grocery stores, offices, etc. 

I mean really a life without sports sound pretty awesome to me! 

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