Tuesday, May 22, 2012


<--- I bought these from Dollar Tree last year, but they never got planted. See we have this huge, ugly bush in front of our house and we thought that it was going to get pulled out last year so I bought some flowers to plant in it's place because I want a flower garden where the bush is. So when the bush didn't get pulled the plants never got planted.  Well, this year I know the bush is going to get pulled, but it won't be in the right month so I decided to go ahead and plant my bulbs and get them growing so when the bush is removed I can transplant them. But after a year I was unsure if the bulbs would still be good. SO....

Amazingly after a year they still decided to grow for me! I am so excited! What do you know I'm growing a baby and plants! Go me! It's getting bigger and bigger everyday! It's supposed to bloom about 100 days after being planted so we'll see how that goes. I think these flowers are beautiful and will really make our front yard look better. Next year I'll have to buy some more flowers (different kinds) to really add some flavor to our front yard. Also I'm seriously hoping to have our porch looking better with some new furniture and hanging plants. 
As for the inside by next year or during next year I want to have our dining room painted (obviously something I can't do right now) and maybe get the 1/2 bath door moved from our kitchen into our dining room. Yes, I realize a dining room isn't really a great place for a bathroom door, but neither is a bathroom door right next to your stove where you cook your food so dining room it is. Plus our kitchen NEEDS some more room! Once the door is moved we can think about painting the kitchen! Yay! And I really want a back splash in the kitchen. Ok to be truthful I'd like to rip everything out of the kitchen (cabinets, floor, etc.) and totally redo the layout, but that will just have to wait for a while I guess. It'd be a lot f money to get new flooring, new cabinets, counters, counter tops, paint, back splash, etc. Anyways that gives you an idea of some of what's on my mind for the end of this year/beginning/middle/end of next year.  

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