Monday, May 14, 2012

Babyish Nurseries...

I know that some people like the whole babyish teddy bears, Noah's Ark, Pooh, etc. nursery looks, but that just isn't for me. The only thing babyish I want is the baby. 

I want my kid to look back and say, "My nursery was awesome! None of that babyish stuff." I mean honestly our first is a boy you think he wants a bunch of teddy bears? No. I want a nursery that I won't have to make any real changes to for around 3-5 years and even then it won't be drastic changes. Take out: the crib, changing table, etc, but I won't have to paint the walls or get rid of wallpaper or anything like that. Get: a new bed, new bedding, and some coordinating things (lamps, stuffed animals, picture frames, etc.) 

If it was me I would want to look back at my nursery and say that was awesome! colorful! cool! A room that never had to go through a ton of change because it was awesome from the start! And that's exactly what I'm wanting to give to my kid. And nurseries are changing now. Most people don't go for the babyish look, it just isn't cool anymore (at least in my opinion) 

Hope none of this offends anyone, it's just my opinion.   

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