Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1 More Day!!!!

1 more day!!!! I'm so excited!
I found out yesterday that ME, Miles, my mom, and my step-dad Mike (and maybe more.. not sure) are going to meet and go out to eat, which I'm assuming is at Exotic Thai, due to a joke that had to do with us paying for my mom and Mike's food next time we went out. Lol. They didn't think about that one! As for when I'm not sure. I think they mean tomorrow, but it'd have to be after Miles gets off work. So maybe we'll meet him there? Idk. But I'll plan to be ready!!

I'm a little freaked out, normally Miles sends me a text saying he got to work safely, well I didn't receive a text then. And then he has a first break at 8:30-ish and I didn't receive a text then. So his lunch is coming up in an hour-ish and I'm hoping to receive some kind of text or call or something. I've checked the house and I haven't found his phone here and I've text him 2 or 3 times, so idk.

I'm currently getting ready to eat a few pieces of Totinos pizza :) I'm hungry, clearly.

You know part of me is hoping that Miles is like making calls to set up a 'party' for me, not like full fledged party, just something... small.

Welp, off I go to finish eating and wait for Miles to get a hold of me.

Hope everyone has a great day, despite the crummy sunless weather!

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