Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Thought Of A New Car...

Every person wants a new vehicle, that's just the way it is, we are programmed to always want newer, bigger, and better things. So what do we do? We get the vehicle we have now paid off and we start looking for a new vehicle, even if we can't afford it.

We all know that the smartest thing to do is to run your vehicle until it just won't run anymore and then get a new one. After all by that time you could have enough money saved off to either have the new vehicle paid off or to nearly have it paid off, if you're wise with your money.

So the point to saying this was, is both mine and my husbands vehicle are paid off, we're very happy about that and not having to pay a payment means more money! (Which we are also happy about!) But he drives past car dealerships everyday and of course he saw a vehicle he wanted, so yesterday we went and looked at it. Del Real was trying to get more for it than it was worth, it was a Infinity with lots of 'issues'.

But instead of just going home Miles decided to go look at another car lot. So we went to the Frankfort Truck and Car place and they had a nice Crosssfire for a good price. So we test drove the vehicle and talked to Jay about it and got all the info on it and of course he tried selling it to us, which sure we would have loved to have had it and possibly could have done it, but to be safe we said no, not that no stopped him from trying.

Jay kept lowering the price and came up with an GREAT deal, but we still had to turn it down. Jay is great at his job and when the time is right we'll go back and see what they have to offer and probably even deal with him, if he's still there by the time we get the proper money.

Poor Miles really wanted that car, he really wants a newer, nicer vehicle. And who could blame him? We all want nicer things. I can't wait until we can get him a new vehicle.

We'll start a savings account and save up enough money to hopefully just buy the car right then and there, no payments or loans, just buy it. You may say impossible, but trust me it's not. We just have to pay off some other things first, it's always better to pay off other things and/or people before you start another 'loan'

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