Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scooter/My Day/Hubby

Poor baby Scoot Scoot on Friday will be going to the vets and will be getting fixed and de-clawed. He won't be able to eat or drink Thursday night. But I'll be able to pick him up on Saturday morning :) He'll need to be babied, which I'm fine with. I just feel sorry for him because he'll be in a lot of pain and he'll be staying the night somewhere different for a night. I know they'll take good care of him though.

Anyways as for my day, since it is Tuesday, it was my day off. I watched The Spy Next Door, I played some Tomb Raider: Guardian Of Light, cleaned the cat box, swept the kitchen floor, swept the office (cat room) floor, soaked the dishes (someone got rid of my gloves so I refuse to wash them until I get some more), took off this junkie looking can opener that came with the house,.... Anyways Miles is home and sleeping next to me on the love-seat. His work day didn't start off to well.

Some looser, who thinks that just because he's been in the Lead Op. position the longest means that he can boss everyone around and thinks everyone else has to be constantly working while he gets to talk and stand around was once again giving my husband a hard time at work. Yelling at him over, I don't even know what. Miles hasn't told me. But we believe it has to do with something racial.

Now I'm NOT racist, but to explain I'll have to use DETAIL (that's all White, Black, Hispanic, and so on are to me, just detail) The other two men in the Lead Op. position are Hispanics and they tend to favor people of their race, which means the people unlike them are pretty much forgotten, ignored, and constantly put down, especially if they are of the same or higher position.

I'm currently of course blogging and watching a movie, Rain, which I have never heard of, but so far it is very good. And Garfield is laying on Miles who is still napping. Lol.

Welp off I go! Have a great rest of the day and thanks for reading! :)

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