Monday, March 7, 2011

3 More Days!!!!

3 more days!!

Today is Monday, and it is still morning time, so I don't really have a lot to tell you on what I've done so far. But if you'd like to know, I have watched 2 movies The Messenger 2 and Post Grad (I'm actually in the middle of watching Post Grad) Oh, and I finished my Chinese from last night.

As for the rest of the day I'll need to do dishes, clean the cat box, go to work (stock bread) and buy a few things from the store like cat litter and probably some other stuff.

Now as it says up above I have 3 more days until the big 2-1 (Sounds so much better with 5-0, but I'm not rushing to get there) I'm very excited! I know for sure that I'll be getting my cheesecake (I've been enjoying my Kindle everyday! Reading When Night Falls) But other than the cake I know NOTHING about what's happening for my birthday. I know Miles has to work and I have to work, but nada besides that.

As for tomorrow I'm going with my mom and Mike (step-dad) to Mike's 2 hour doctors appt., he's having to get a lot of tests done or one really long test, not sure. But I'm going to keep my mom company. Then after that's all over with we're going to meet Miles and get something to eat in Lafayette, then of course (as far as I know) it's home time.

My cats are all being very sleepy, which I can't say I blame them. Here recently it seems like everyday is nothing, but sleepy. Rain, snow.. it does nothing, but make me tired. It definitely doesn't make me happy! Scooter is in his normal place on the back of Miles' chair, Garfield and Lil' Bit are bth on the floor, and as for Rambunctious I have no clue, she's probably hiding upstairs in the guest bedroom.

But I'm going to get back to my movie. I hope everyone has a fabulous day and I seriously hope that we get a lot of sunshine!

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