Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Busy Wednesday

Just like every other Wednesday I had to get up and go to work, but last night I had put rollers in my hair so getting ready took a little bit longer today.

I went to work and after work I came right home and started cleaning.

I started with the dishes, went to washing some laundry, came upstairs and put some clothes away and picked up some clutter, cleaned the kitty box,... Blah blah.

Basically I've been busy since I woke up. I even ate my breakfast standing up. So I'm just now sitting down and relaxing a little. I'm still not done with everything, but time has been going so slow that I NEEDED a break. Lol.

I swept the floors yesterday (except upstairs, so I guess I should do that) I need to still sweep (broom) the kitchen and the office. I may be cooking so that I'd have to do. Also Miles and I will be taking a walk later on :)

Clearly half of the reason I wanted to get up and clean was because I really want to lose weight and the other well not really half, I guess half of that half, was that I wanted to clean like I actually felt like it and then the rest was that I did it for Miles :)

As for the weather, it is beautiful. Nice and warm, a nice breeze.. Great :)

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