Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's My 21st Birthday!!!!

Today is my 21st birthday! It's amazing that 'just yesterday' I was 16 dreaming of being 18, then I was 18.. and now here I am, 21!

I can say that I've made better choices than most, but I'm still no angel. I made choices I will always regret, but in the end my choices are what brought me to where I am today, good or bad.

I thank God for another year, no matter how old or how young we are we may not get another year, but I have and therefore I am blessed!

Today some family members will being meeting my husband and I at a restaurant, they haven't told me where, but I'm sure it's either Everything O.K. or Exotic Thai (I asked for one of those and either one would be great!)

As per my request and the fact that my mom thought it was cute she's bought some decor that has to do with alcohol and 21st birthdays, though there will be NO drinking (alcoholic beverages that is).

I thank God that my family didn't raise me to waste my life away and my money on alcohol, I always wake up being able to remember what I've done the night before (and if I can't remember it has nothing to do with alcohol, just a bad memory)

Anyways, I need to get up and get ready for MY day. Which will hopefully be AHMAZING!

I hope you all have a fantastic day as well!

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