Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cleanliness, Laziness, and Pain...

I love that everything is clean right now and that all that needs done is to put away some laundry and to do the dishes :) The joys of getting everything clean! Unfortunately it doesn't last very long. But for while it last I love it.

Today is Thursday and cold, I hate the cold. It's supposed to snow, snow when it's almost April?! Not cool! We had wonderful warm weather yesterday, I mean I was actually sweating, which normally would sound gross and I would hate, but I'd rather sweat than be cold!

I'm having a difficult time getting up and ready, I have no motivation due to the fact that I was up until like 1:30a.m. or 2:00a.m. Miles will probably be home around 3p.m. I still have to do the dishes, clean the kitty box, go to work,... then I get to cook. Fun, fun... NOT!

My head hurts very bad. And my throat has been sore here recently, I've been trying to drink hot tea with honey to help sooth it, but it isn't working. I'm going to have to take Nyquil at night, maybe that'll help me get better, if not.. I have no clue. I believe I'm going to buy some lemon drops to put in my tea. Maybe gargle some salt water.

I'm going to go make myself some more tea, put away the clean dishes, and possibly MAKE myself do the few dishes that are in there, yeah, today is a lazy day.

I miss my husband! I can't wait until he gets home!

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